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Exploring the Moon
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Exploring the Moon on stamps
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Background image:
The waning crescent Moon.
(European Southern Observatory)

Text © Ian Ridpath

These pages support Ian’s talk on Exploring the Moon
1966  East Germany  20pf

Luna 9, the first successful Moon lander, on the surface. The surrounding steep hills are purely for artistic purposes, and in reality the Earth would have been much higher in the sky.
SG E886
1966  Hungary  2ft

Luna 9 descending to the surface of the Moon. The probe is shown firing retro-rockets, which it did not in fact have. Luna 9 was actually attached to a main bus which fired braking rockets and then ejected the lander sphere onto the surface.

SG 2165
1966  Hungary  3ft

Luna 9 transmitting data to Earth (shown low on the horizon for artistic purposes) from the surface of the Moon.
SG 2166
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1969  Russia  10k

Stylized representation of Zond 5 looping behind the Moon and returning to Earth.

SG 3667
1969  Russia  50k x 2

A souvenir sheet commemorating the flights of Zond 6 and Zond 7 around the Moon in 1968 and 1969. Zond 7 took pictures of the Earth and Moon, examples of which are shown on the sheet.

SG MS3758
1966  Vietnam (North)  12x

Luna 9 on its way to the Moon, apparently performing a mid-course correction with its rockets.

SG N445
1966  Vietnam (North)  50x

Luna 9 seen symbolically resting on the lunar surface.

SG N446