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Exploring the Moon
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The first robot explorers

Landers and orbiters 1

Landers and orbiters 2

Sample returns and lunar rovers

Map of lunar landings

Table of Moon probes

Apollo to the Moon!

Meeting the challenge

Repeating the feat

Driving on the Moon

Heading for the hills

Apollo lunar mission chronology

Russia’s secret manned Moon programme

What did we learn from Apollo?

Lunar exploration since Apollo

The international Moon fleet

Exploring the Apollo landing sites 1

Exploring the Apollo landing sites 2

Exploring the Moon on stamps

Background image:
The waning crescent Moon.
(European Southern Observatory)

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These pages support Ian’s talk on Exploring the Moon
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2000  USA  $11.75

This souvenir sheet contains a holographic stamp (which shows up black on this scan) depicting a Lunar Module landing on the Moon. The background picture is of Apollo 16 astronaut Charles Duke at Plum Crater. Duke is holding a sampling scoop. At top left can be seen part of the Lunar Rover.      SG: MS3832d
2004  Kazakhstan  50t

Luna 3 looping around the Moon, photographing its far side and swinging back past Earth.

SG: 433
2007  China  1.20y

China’s first lunar orbiter, Chang’e 1, is shown on this stamp released at the end of 2007. An accompanying commemorative sheet featured a diagram of Chang’e’s trajectory.

SG: 5231
2008  Gibraltar  10p, 17p, 42p, £2

A strip of four stamps showing stages in the Apollo 11 mission, issued by Gibraltar to mark the 50th anniversary of the formation of NASA. They were part of a mini sheet, with a background image of the Moon.   SG: MS1291

romania 2009a.jpg
2009  Romania  3L

Romania commemorated the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing with an attractive stamp showing astronaut Edwin Aldrin descending from the Lunar Module. Another circular stamp depicting Aldrin’s bootprint in the lunar soil, face value 14.5 L, formed the centrepiece of an accompanying mini sheet.

SG: 6970 and MS6971