Gibraltar 2008

Apollo 11

Gibraltar 2008 stamp sheet Apollo 11

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the founding of NASA, Gibraltar issued this mini-sheet containing a strip of four stamps showing images from the flight of Apollo 11. The subjects, with links to the original photographs, are as follows: 

1. Liftoff of the Saturn V rocket as seen from the launch tower. 

2. Earthrise over the lunar horizon, as seen from orbit around the Moon. 

3. The top half of the Lunar Module Eagle returns from the Moon’s surface with Armstrong and Aldrin aboard, as seen by Michael Collins in the Command Module. This image is out of chronological sequence – it should strictly come at the end. 

4. The US flag on the lunar surface. It did not remain standing for long because it was blown over by the blast from the Lunar Module’s ascent engine during takeoff from the Moon. 

Stanley Gibbons catalogue number: 

MS1291 (there are no separate SG numbers for the individual stamps) 


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