Russia 1955 – Observing the aurora

This nicely coloured 1-rouble stamp shows what the Gibbons catalogue describes as a “meteorologist taking observations”. It looks from the design as though he is using a theodolite to measure the altitude of an aurora. This stamp is the highest-value member of a set of three extolling the work of north pole scientific stations. It was re-issued in 1958 (placing it strictly beyond our cut-off date of 1957) as a block of four in a mini sheet, below; for an enlargement, click here. The sheet surrounding the block depicted a nice auroral arc with vertical rays, although only in blue and white. The sheet has its own SG number, listed in the table at bottom.

1958 Russia sheet small.jpg

SG number
Face value
1 r
4 x 1 r m/s