Greenland 1945 – Eskimo and Midnight Sun

This evocative Arctic scene from Greenland shows an Eskimo in a kayak, with the Sun poised on the distant horizon – a graphic reminder that, during summer, the Sun never sets as seen from within the Arctic Circle because of the Earth’s tilt with respect to the Sun. Conversely, in winter the Sun never rises so that the land within the Arctic Circle is cloaked in eternal night for months on end, with only a glimmer of twilight around midday to provide relief from the encompassing gloom.

SG number
Face value
2 k
Green and brown

PS: Greenland’s very first stamp, in 1938, should have been an astro-stamp, featuring an aurora. However, the King of Denmark thought that his portrait should feature instead. The original designs were kept and eventually released in 2001 in a “stamp-on-stamp” design under the title “The stamps that were never issued” (below).

Greenland 2001.jpg