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Exploring the Moon
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The first robot explorers

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Landers and orbiters 2

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Apollo to the Moon!

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Apollo lunar mission chronology

Russia’s secret manned Moon programme

What did we learn from Apollo?

Lunar exploration since Apollo

The international Moon fleet

Exploring the Apollo landing sites 1

Exploring the Apollo landing sites 2

Exploring the Moon on stamps
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Background image:
The waning crescent Moon.
(European Southern Observatory)

Text © Ian Ridpath

These pages support Ian’s talk on Exploring the Moon
1994  USA  $9.95

Commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing, and issued on July 20, the same date as the Eagle landed. This stamp has a high face value and is expensive.
SG 2921
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1994  USA  29c x 12

A souvenir sheet commemorating the 25th anniversary of Apollo 11, containing a dozen 29c stamps surrounded by the famous Apollo 8 picture of the Earth rising above the Moon. The sheet was issued on 1994 July 20, the same day as USA 2921. Stamps from this sheet can be obtained individually but do not have a separate number in the Stanley Gibbons catalogue.

SG MS2922
1999  USA  33c

Commemorating the first manned landing on the Moon with an image of Buzz Aldrin’s boot print in the lunar dust. This stamp was part of a millennium series recalling events of the 1960s. A description of each subject was printed under the gum on the back of each stamp.
SG 3654
1994  Netherlands  90c

In 1994 the Netherlands issued this stamp commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon. In the top half is a TV image of Armstrong at the foot of the Lunar Module’s ladder with his famous “One small step” speech superimposed, while the bottom half shows Aldrin’s bootprint in the lunar dust.

SG 1733
1994  New Zealand  $1.50

New Zealand commemorated the 25th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing with this holographic stamp. Behind the figure of Buzz Aldrin looms the globe of the Earth with New Zealand prominent.

SG 1818
1999 Bosnia.jpg
1999  Bosnia  2m

In 1999 Bosnia and Herzegovina issued this attractive stamp to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing.

SG 616
1991  Guernsey  26p

A stamp commemorating the Apollo 11 Moon landing of 1969, which was the year in which Guernsey became a separate postal administration and began to issue its own stamps, hence the inset illustration.
SG 523
1991  USA  29c

A Lunar Orbiter probe surveying the Moon. This stamp was part of a strip of 10 depicting the exploration of the Solar System. There were no perforations along one edge of the strip.        SG 2628