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Exploring the Moon
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Exploring the Apollo landing sites 1

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Exploring the Moon on stamps
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Background image:
The waning crescent Moon.
(European Southern Observatory)

Text © Ian Ridpath

These pages support Ian’s talk on Exploring the Moon
1972  Chad  100f

The Luna 16 ascent stage taking off from an improbably rugged Moonscape, bringing lunar samples back to Earth.

SG 381
1972  Chad  150f

Lunokhod 1 gingerly crossing an improbable crevice in the lunar surface.

SG 382
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1971  Poland  2.50z

Lunokhod 1 exploring the Moon, its front wheels rising to pass over a rock. As in other stamps depicting lunar surface scenes, the Earth low on the horizon is artistic licence.

SG 2106
1971  East Germany  20pf

Lunokhod 1 rolling down a ramp from the Luna 17 lander onto the surface of the Moon.

SG E1380
1971  Romania  3.30l + 3.30l

This pair of stamps showing Lunas 16 and 17 was issued joined together.
SG 3794–3795
1971  USA  8c + 8c

These stamps, joined together as a panoramic pair, show the Apollo 15 astronauts and the Lunar Roving Vehicle.       SG 2166
1972  Mauritania  75f

Another nice pair of illustrations of Luna 16 and 17 from a French colony (see also the pair from Chad, above, by the same engraver. This one shows the Luna 16 ascent stage taking off from the surface of Mare Fecunditatis.

SG 411
1972  Mauritania  100f

Lunokhod 1 rolling down a ramp off the Luna 17 landing stage near the western shores of Mare Imbrium, where it landed in November 1970
SG 412