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Exploring the Moon
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Exploring the Moon on stamps
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Background image:
The waning crescent Moon.
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Text © Ian Ridpath

These pages support Ian’s talk on Exploring the Moon
1970  Russia  10k x 3

A set of three stamps showing, in sequence, the landing of Luna 16 on the Moon, the takeoff of its upper stage containing Moon samples, and the sample capsule parachuting to Earth. The set was accompanied by a souvenir sheet containing three stamps. Note slight differences in design and colour between the illustrations on the three individual stamps and those on the sheet, as well as differences in face value.

SG 3885, 3886, 3887, MS3888
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1971  Russia  10k, 12k, 12k, 16k

Four stamps commemorating the landing of Luna 17 which delivered the Lunokhod 1 lunar rover to the Moon. The stamps were also issued on a souvenir sheet.

SG 3918, 3919, 3920, 3921
1969  USA  6c

Earth rising over the limb of the Moon, based on this famous photograph taken by the crew of Apollo 8, the first humans to go into lunar orbit. During a transmission to Earth they read from the book of Genesis, hence the Biblical quotation on the stamp.

SG 1358
1969  USA  10c

Commemoration of the landing of Apollo 11 on the Moon. The illustration is an artist’s impression of Neil Armstrong talking his “one small step” onto the surface. This stamp was intended for airmail postage, hence the prefix “A” to the Stanley Gibbons reference number.   SG A1367
1970  Poland  2.50z

The Luna 16 upper stage leaving the Moon and returning to Earth after having grabbed a handful of lunar soil.

SG 2021